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Mountain View Media is a Small Business Enterprise, Minority Business Enterprise as well as a Woman Owned business. Summit Media is a division of Mountain View Media built to house non-profit work.

Graphic Design and Branding

Striking graphic design is our company’s passion and quality asset. With over fifteen years experience in print design, logo design, brochures and business cards, web design and marketing, we strive for a boldly aesthetic statement in every project. Created by a combination of real world experience, formal training and entrepreneurial alacrity, Summit Media brings an insightful perspective to the convergence of business and design.

Your brand dwells within the hearts and minds of customers, clients, and prospects. It is the sum total of their experiences and perceptions, some of which you can influence, and some that you cannot.

We will investigate, research, define, and build your brand. Your brand is the basis of a promise to your consumer. It's a foundational piece in your marketing communication and one you do not want to be without. 

 We will help you create a branding campaign that will:

        Deliver the message clearly

        Confirm your credibility

        Connect with your target prospects emotionally

        Motivate the buyer

        Create concrete user loyalty      

To succeed in branding we will work with you to understand the needs and wants of your customers and prospects. To do this we will integrate your brand strategies through your company at every point of public contact.

 Custom Web Development

Design and development go hand in hand. Our developers and designers work side by side to produce the most efficiently striking web sites that are easy to use and alluring to the eye. Our website experts encompass a wide variety of experience and knowledge working hard to stay on top of the newest techniques and structural development.

        • World Class Web Design

Summit Media utilizes the latest methods and technologies that are not only smart, but efficient. Our team of web development experts will work one-on-one with you to help to build your website to the unique specifications of your business. We implement video, audio, animation or special effects integrated into a web design that is appealing, professional and easy to navigate for all your visitors.

        • Cutting Edge Technology

Technology is always changing. It's hard to keep up with what is the latest in the market, especially when you should spend all the time on your business. It's our business to keep pace with cutting edge technologies and make sure your website and business benefits from the latest trends. Your website will always be up-to date with what works in the current online environment and you'll continue to project a first class image to your visitors, prospects and customers.

        • Superior Customer Service

As a successful and hardworking business, you understand that customer service is the foundation of your long-term success. We at Summit Media also understand that we're only as successful as your are. We're partners in your success and we'll do what's necessary to completely satisfy your needs. Providing all the names of our biggest clients is unnecessary to prove the dedication in the development of our relationship. The bottom line is that you are our most important client and we'll treat you like this in every attribute of our business. If you have a problem, question or even a small concern, Summit Media is only a phone call or email away. We're excitedly eager to help you.

So browse our site to get a grasp on everything we offer to help your business prosper, onward and upward! We're looking forward to meeting you and accommodating your business needs.

Social Media and Search Engine Optimization

Social Media Management 

- Brand Voice Creation

Creation of a “brand voice” to guide all content creation.  This voice will include rules and guidelines for how content should be created in the future (active vs. passive, common words to use, etc).

- Topic Calendar Content Writing

Filling in posts on an ongoing basis so that the topic calendar is always up to date ahead of time.

- Twitter Conversation Monitoring and Contact

Monitoring conversations on Twitter and targeting users who have mentioned the client’s product, services, or industry, then proactively reaching out to them with information or offers.

- Active Twitter Following

Finding users who are currently following a competitor, then following those users in hopes that they will follow the brand back. On a large scale, this should increase our captive audience.

- Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn Content Updates

Use of the Topic Calendar to update all of the sites with content on an ongoing basis. We will test the frequency and type of posts to eventually find what is most effective and refine our strategy over time.

- Monthly Reporting and Analysis

Ongoing monthly reports will be provided highlighting activity for the past month, the plan for the next month, as well as progress across the four sites. 

Our focus is in helping you stand out in the crowd. Summit Media makes sure your name not only gets out there, but also gets recognized. We help your beloved website to reach its fullest approachable capacity. Through search engine optimization and online marketing reliable communication is built on a dependable network.

We care about the success of your business and aspire to enhance it with our developed tools and knowledge. Our aim is to create long-term business relationships that are cultivated through extensive communication.

From intensive first hand experience we have earned the knowledge of what works and what doesn’t work, which helped in our creation of innovative solutions for your online business that include; web design and re-design, admin tools for word press template/theme design, blog integration, blog consulting hosting search engine optimization and marketing, company branding and identity businesses for any size of business. Summit media engages the designated community to stay in constant online communication with your business. Once we have a definite grasp on the behaviors of your online users we will calibrate our knowledge with what you wish to accomplish.

PR and Event Planning

We provide every client with a focused plan to reach the right media and the right target audience. Public Relations is not a one-size-fits-all proposition. Each business has its own demands and we have a specifically skilled team of experienced professionals to match your company or organization’s needs. Event planning and marketing can help expand your PR reach with the local and with national media.

Press Release Style Guides

All press releases are and have to be considered and deemed as NEWS. This means they are newsworthy. This also means they have to conform and adhere to the AP Style Guide 7/8 – or most current style guide for journalists. They have to be factual, ethical, newsworthy while telling the who, what, when, where and why. They cannot be keywords stuffed or fluffed. They cannot contain sales ads or marketing pitches. They have to be newsworthy, relevant and legitimate or no credible news medium will touch them. 

Legit press releases will be reviewed by editors by major news mediums, and upon confirming that the press release conforms to these guidelines, the editors will elect to post them to their online mediums. This creates credibility, generates MASSIVE targeted exposure, and generates organic and valuable back links to high page ranked sites. And drives traffic and consumer interest back to your business. It also boosts SEO rankings and top lists the news in the “news” sections of all major search engines and sends the word out via popular social media channels and networks.


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